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Test Drive Unlimited Ps2 Download Completo Torrent [UPD]

the original release used the havok physics engine to allow for full integration of damage and realistic physics. this was quickly changed to the new physx engine before the official release. drivers can customize their car with customizing parts, paint, paint variations, rims and wheels, interior, and body kit. the game uses the steamworks community features in addition to the havok physics engine to allow for online play on the same console. eden makes use of the havok graphics engine to allow for streaming. although this is supported by some video cards, the graphics are worse than the default graphics engine. trackside has been greatly redesigned in order to help improve the racing experience by making navigation easier. vehicles may be either driven on their own or an ai may be employed to control the vehicle in a mode known as "ghost racing." a new feature in the game is named the dynamic choice engine, which allows players the ability to change choices in selectable areas of the game. as the title describes, more choices means less gameplay. this is an example of player feedback incorporated into the game's design. though the game is meant to be a racing sim, the developers and their most vocal fans expressed negative concerns regarding the game's virtual currency-driven microtransaction system. eden created an unofficial patch that adds an "unlimited racing" mode in order to limit or eliminate the need for virtual currency.

test drive unlimited ps2 download completo torrent

the test drive unlimited 2 includes a beta version of the new avatars and clothing system. players are given the choice of either creating their own avatar or selecting one from the available stock avatars. depending on the vehicle, the player's avatar's stats may vary depending on race class, gender, weight, length and height. the avatars may be customized with paint and some avatars have animations. the clothing is an option, but players are given no choices for their clothing. players are not able to change their chosen race class, gender, weight, and length. instead, they can only change their avatar's hair and makeup. players can use money to pay for more paint or clothing.


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