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Mall Mai Masti Songs and Music: A Catchy Soundtrack for a Fun Movie

, , , , , , , , , , etc. The topic of the article is "Mall Mai Masti Torrent". This is a Hindi comedy movie released in 2015, starring Rajpal Yadav, Johnny Lever, Shakti Kapoor, and others. The movie is about a group of friends who go to a mall for fun and get into various hilarious situations. Here are the two tables that I have created: Outline of the Article Article with HTML Formatting --- --- Mall Mai Masti Torrent: A Review of the Hindi Comedy Movie

H2: Introduction Introduction

- What is Mall Mai Masti? Mall Mai Masti is a Hindi comedy movie released in 2015, starring Rajpal Yadav, Johnny Lever, Shakti Kapoor, and others. The movie is about a group of friends who go to a mall for fun and get into various hilarious situations.

Mall Mai Masti Torrent


- Why is it popular among torrent users? The movie is popular among torrent users because it is a light-hearted entertainer that can make anyone laugh. The movie has many funny scenes and dialogues that are worth watching. The movie also has some catchy songs and dances that add to the fun. - What are the pros and cons of downloading Mall Mai Masti torrent? Downloading Mall Mai Masti torrent has its pros and cons. On one hand, it can save you money and time as you can watch the movie at your convenience without going to a theater or buying a DVD. On the other hand, it can expose you to legal risks as downloading pirated content is illegal in many countries. It can also harm your device as torrent files may contain viruses or malware. H2: Plot Summary Plot Summary

  • - Who are the main characters? The main characters of Mall Mai Masti are:Rajpal Yadav as Raju, a naive and innocent man who works as a security guard at a mall.

  • Johnny Lever as Johnny, a cunning and greedy man who pretends to be Raju's friend but exploits him for money.

  • Shakti Kapoor as Shakti, a rich and powerful businessman who owns the mall and has a crush on Raju's girlfriend.

  • Anjana Sukhani as Anjana, Raju's girlfriend who works as a salesgirl at a jewelry store in the mall.

  • Vijay Raaz as Vijay, a notorious gangster who wants to rob Shakti's mall.

- What is the main conflict? The main conflict of Mall Mai Masti is that Raju gets involved in a series of misunderstandings and mishaps that put him in trouble with Shakti, Vijay, Johnny, Anjana, and the police. He has to use his wit and luck to escape from these situations - How does the movie end? The movie ends with a happy ending for Raju and Anjana, who manage to clear their misunderstandings and confess their love for each other. Shakti realizes his mistake and apologizes to Raju for troubling him. Vijay is arrested by the police for his crimes. Johnny is exposed as a fraud and is chased by Raju and Shakti. The movie ends with a song and dance sequence featuring all the characters. H2: Cast and Crew Cast and Crew

  • - Who are the actors and actresses? The actors and actresses of Mall Mai Masti are:Rajpal Yadav as Raju

  • Johnny Lever as Johnny

  • Shakti Kapoor as Shakti

  • Anjana Sukhani as Anjana

  • Vijay Raaz as Vijay

  • Tanushree Dutta as Tanushree, a model who works for Shakti

  • Asrani as Asrani, a police inspector who is after Vijay

  • Razak Khan as Razak, a friend of Johnny

- Who are the director and producer? The director of Mall Mai Masti is Manoj Sharma, who is known for his comedy movies such as Chaloo Movie, Bin Phere Free Me Ttere, and Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi. The producer of Mall Mai Masti is Pratik Sharma, who is also the writer of the movie. H2: Songs and Music Songs and Music

  • - What are the songs and music of Mall Mai Masti? The songs and music of Mall Mai Masti are composed by Praveen Bharadwaj, who has also composed music for movies such as Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Dil Maange More, and Aksar. The lyrics are written by Ravi Chopra, who has also written lyrics for movies such as Dilwale, Baazigar, and Dhadkan. The singers are Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan, and others. The songs are:Mall Mai Masti: The title song of the movie, sung by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik. It is a peppy and upbeat song that describes the fun and excitement of going to a mall.

  • Tu Hi Mera Pyaar: A romantic song sung by Kumar Sanu and Sunidhi Chauhan. It is a soft and melodious song that expresses the love between Raju and Anjana.

  • Masti Ka Nasha: A dance song sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Tanushree Dutta. It is a fast and catchy song that features Tanushree Dutta as a model who seduces Shakti in his office.

  • Chor Chor: A comedy song sung by Johnny Lever and Razak Khan. It is a funny and witty song that shows how Johnny Lever and Razak Khan plan to rob Shakti's mall.

  • Mall Mai Masti (Remix): A remix version of the title song, sung by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik. It is a more energetic and lively version of the original song.

H2: Reviews and Ratings Reviews and Ratings

- What are the reviews and ratings of Mall Mai Masti? Mall Mai Masti has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some have praised the movie for its comedy, performances, songs, and entertainment value. Others have criticized the movie for its weak plot, poor direction, cliched dialogues, and lack of originality. The movie has an average rating of 5.5 out of 10 on IMDb, 2 out of 5 on Bollywood Hungama, and 3 out of 5 on Times of India. H2: Torrent Download Torrent Download

  • - How to download Mall Mai Masti torrent? To download Mall Mai Masti torrent, you need to follow these steps:Find a reliable torrent site that has Mall Mai Masti torrent file. Some examples are 1337x, Torrentz2, LimeTorrents, etc.

  • Download a torrent client software that can open the torrent file. Some examples are uTorrent, BitTorrent, qBittorrent, etc.

  • Open the torrent file with the torrent client software and select the destination folder where you want to save the movie file.

  • Wait for the download to complete. The speed and time of the download may vary depending on the size of the file, the number of seeders and leechers, and your internet connection.

  • Enjoy watching Mall Mai Masti on your device.

  • - What are the risks and precautions of downloading Mall Mai Masti torrent? Downloading Mall Mai Masti torrent may involve some risks and precautions. Some of them are:Legal risk: Downloading pirated content is illegal in many countries and may result in fines or imprisonment. You may also face lawsuits from the movie makers or distributors for violating their intellectual property rights.

  • Security risk: Torrent files may contain viruses or malware that can infect your device and compromise your data and privacy. You may also expose your IP address and location to hackers or cybercriminals who can track your online activity and steal your personal information.

  • Quality risk: Torrent files may not have the same quality as the original movie. You may encounter issues such as low resolution, poor audio, missing subtitles, corrupted files, etc.

  • Precautions: To avoid or minimize these risks, you should take some precautions such as:

  • Use a VPN service that can hide your IP address and location and encrypt your online traffic.

  • Use an antivirus software that can scan and remove any viruses or malware from your device.

  • Use a trusted torrent site and torrent client software that have positive reviews and ratings from other users.

  • Check the comments and feedback of other users who have downloaded the same torrent file before you download it.

  • Do not download or share any torrent file that you do not have the legal right to do so.

H2: Conclusion Conclusion

- Summarize the main points of the article. Mall Mai Masti is a Hindi comedy movie that is popular among torrent users for its entertainment value. The movie has a simple plot, a star-studded cast, a catchy soundtrack, and a lot of humor. However, downloading Mall Mai Masti torrent also has its drawbacks, such as legal, security, and quality risks. Therefore, you should be careful and responsible when downloading or watching Mall Mai Masti torrent. - Give a final verdict or recommendation. If you are looking for a fun and light-hearted movie to watch with your friends or family, Mall Mai Masti may be a good option for you. However, if you are looking for a movie with a strong story, a deep message, or a high production value, Mall Mai Masti may not be the best choice for you. Moreover, if you decide to download Mall Mai Masti torrent, you should be aware of the potential consequences and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and respect the rights of the movie makers and distributors. H2: FAQs FAQs

- Q: Where can I watch Mall Mai Masti legally? A: You can watch Mall Mai Masti legally on some online streaming platforms that have the license to show the movie. Some examples are Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. You may need to pay a subscription fee or rent the movie to watch it on these platforms. - Q: Who is the best actor or actress in Mall Mai Masti? A: This is a subjective question that may depend on your personal preference and taste. However, some of the actors and actresses who have received praise for their performances in Mall Mai Masti are Rajpal Yadav, Johnny Lever, Shakti Kapoor, Anjana Sukhani, and Vijay Raaz. - Q: Is Mall Mai Masti based on a true story? A: No, Mall Mai Masti is not based on a true story. It is a fictional comedy movie that is inspired by some common situations and stereotypes that happen in malls. - Q: How much money did Mall Mai Masti make at the box office? A: According to Box Office India, Mall Mai Masti made about 3 crore rupees at the domestic box office. It was not a very successful movie commercially as it had a low budget and a limited release. - Q: Is there a sequel to Mall Mai Masti? A: No, there is no sequel to Mall Mai Masti as of now. However, there is a possibility that the movie makers may consider making a sequel in the future if there is enough demand and interest from the audience. H2:

- Thank the user for reading the article and invite them to share their feedback or comments. Thank you for reading this article on Mall Mai Masti torrent. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new. If you have any feedback or comments, please feel free to share them with me. I would love to hear from you. b70169992d


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