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Essay Writing Scholarships For High School Students

Writing is an extremely important part of success in high school, college, and life in general. For some students, writing is also an intricate part of who they are and how they express themselves. If you are someone who loves English class and is genuinely excited about a new creative writing assignment, then you should keep reading! Writing scholarships, creative writing scholarships, and essay scholarships are great ways to put your talent to use.

essay writing scholarships for high school students

Creative writing scholarships are a subset of writing scholarships that support students who enjoy writing poetry, fictional stories, plays, and generally using their imagination to guide their writing.

Some colleges and universities may also offer specific scholarships and financial aid to students with a talent in creative writing! Check with the colleges on your list for these college-specific creative writing opportunities!

The Kenyon Writing Award is a great example of this type of scholarship. High school seniors can apply for this scholarship program at Kenyon College which offers up to $15,000 per year of merit based aid. It is based off of your portfolio and does not take into account financial need, high school GPA, or other factors. Submissions typically have to be in by January of your senior year.

All high school juniors and seniors can apply for the Fountainhead Scholarship, which grants a $5,000 first prize and 83 other prizes ranging from $25 to $1,250 to those who pen an 800-1600 word essay that best articulates their view and understanding of the philosophy behind the novel.

Critical essay scholarships can also involve non-literary subject matter. Some may ask applicants to evaluate a historical event or figure; others may ask them to defend their stance on a political or legal issue. Though the line between critical and personal essays can sometimes blur, for the purposes of this directory, we define critical essays as those that use evidence from an external source to prove a point.

There are thousands of scholarships up for grabs each year. Each has its own eligibility requirements. One of the easiest kinds of scholarships to win are essay scholarships. These scholarships are perfect for those who enjoy writing.

The Better Business Bureau offers high school students the annual Ethical Torch Essay Scholarships. The main goal of the essay scholarships is to award young individuals for making ethical decisions. High school students can apply for this scholarship by writing an essay about themselves. In it, they must describe different ways they have used ethics and integrity in their own lives.

The Bird Dog Foundation offers annual essay scholarships to high school seniors pursuing higher education. They are awarded to several deserving high school seniors. This scholarship essay aims to create admiration among young people for field and outdoor sports like hunting and fishing. It is only open to high school students in the 12th grade who are getting ready to go to college.

Since 1998, the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives has offered a yearly essay contest celebrating George Watt. Mr. Watt was a great writer and activist who helped create the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives. Students around the globe are eligible to participate in this contest. The topics to write about can change periodically. However, the most popular essay topics include various aspects of the Spanish Civil War. The contest is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

The American Backflow Prevention Association has an annual essay scholarship contest. The organization founded this opportunity more than two decades ago. The name of the competition is the ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial Essay. The award is aimed at students interested in managing cross-contamination and preventing backflow. This helps to minimize the risks of dangerous bacteria and chemicals moving into the water. The essay topic changes yearly, but the goal is to educate individuals and bring attention to maintaining safe and pure drinking water. The contest is open to high school students only. The winner will be presented with $1,500 toward their college tuition.

The John Carroll Society has provided essay scholarships since 1997. Students can be freshmen, sophomores, or high school juniors. Applicants for these essay scholarship contests must be enrolled in Catholic high schools of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. proper. Applicants must write an essay about a topic chosen by the John Carroll Society. Typically, the focus is on a subject that requires the student to give deeper consideration to their faith.

The first-place winner will be awarded $3,000 toward their tuition, and the second-place winner will be awarded $2,000 toward their education. In addition, each winner must be able to show an official college transcript from their school. These scholarships essay contests are for college students 18 years of age or older who are enrolled in a full-time U.S. institution. This also applies to high school students getting ready to attend college.

Negative Population Growth awards essay scholarships every year. Only high school students and undergraduate college students can earn these essay scholarships. Essay topics are generally about a population-related challenge. The applicant must provide a recommendation on how they would solve the specific challenge. The grand prize winner will receive $5,000 toward tuition, and the second-place winner will receive $2,500 toward tuition. In addition, several other applicants will receive $1,000 and $1500 scholarships. features an annual scholarship essay competition. These essay scholarships aim to help provide financial assistance to individuals planning to pursue a college education. However, it is also open to those who are already college students. The essay topic recognizes black history month. It can be about any African American who was inspirational to your life, experiences, and goals. The word count is 500 words or less.

High school seniors who live in a state with a Regions branch may be awarded a $5,000 scholarship if they win. And college students who live in a state with a Regions branch may be awarded a scholarship of $3,500 if they win. There will be 15 high school seniors and 15 college students who will receive scholarships.

There are different essay topics for high school students and college students. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. With these ssay scholarships, you may be able to win between $25 and $25,000.

These essay scholarships are only available for high school students and middle school students. Each submission will compete at the state level and may go on to the national level. Middle school students can win $5,000, and high school students can win $30,000.

Once a year, the Bill of Rights Institute offers a We the Students Essay Contest. Applicants for these essay scholarships are required to write about what civil discourse means to them. The goal is to encourage individuals to write essays about their own experiences and ideas. The Bill of Rights Institute seeks essays containing creativity, engagement, and examples.

The winner of this essay scholarship will be awarded $1,000. The funds will go toward tuition for the school they attend or plan to attend. The essays will be evaluated based on writing ability, originality, creativity, and overall quality.

Applicants can choose between three topics and must write between 2,000 and 3,000 words. Only current college students and students entering college are permitted to apply for these essay scholarships. The writer of the winning essay will receive a scholarship worth $1,500.

Learncurious features three annual essay scholarships. It is called the Phyllis F. McCarthy Scholarship for Excellence in Writing. There are three topics for applicants to write about, and essay submissions must be 3,000 words or less. The first-place winner will receive a scholarship of $1,000, and the two runners-up will receive $50 each. All winners and their essays will be showcased on the Learncurious website and blog. Only high school seniors and high school juniors are permitted to write an essay for this scholarship. Those who are already undergraduate and graduate students are not eligible.

American Bullion, Inc. provides annual scholarship opportunities to assist students in paying for their college tuition. This essay scholarship aims to help students gain knowledge about valuable assets, such as gold. Students will write an essay between 500 to 1,000 words on a given subject. Applicants must be American citizens and currently enrolled in a full-time program at a college or university. The winner will receive $1,000 toward their tuition. Graduate school students also qualify for this contest.

The American Galvanizers Association offers an annual essay scholarship. It is called the Galvanize the Future Richard L. Brooks Memorial Scholarship essay contest. This contest was developed to offset tuition costs for students in civil engineering and related programs of study. The scholarship is available to part-time and full-time students. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply for these creative writing scholarships. Students must be enrolled in or planning to enroll in an accredited college in North America. The essay must be between 1,000 to 2,000 words. A topic will be provided.

Each year, awards $1500 in essay scholarships to talented students who demonstrate the art and skill of essay writing. Scholarships are given to two winners. The first-place winner will receive $1,000, and the runner-up will get $500. Essays must be between 500 to 700 words. A list of potential topics is provided. This scholarship essay is open to high school or college students from any country.

Additionally, students may be eligible for scholarships. Some of these are a breeze to apply for. Others require students to work a little bit for their free cash. Such is the case with essay scholarships.


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