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Dino Hunter - The Ultimate 3D Action Shooter Game with Dinosaurs

The Dino Hunter series uses the same basic interface as the Deer Hunter series - so if you have already mastered that, you have a decided advantage coming into this game. Though really hunting dinos is a lot more fun than hunting deer - just saying.

All hunts are not created equal - in fact many of them have special requirements - from killing the correct dinos to shooting them in the designated spots - and the big score and best rewards are obtained by doing precisely what the Huntmaster orders.

dino hunter


That being so, when you start a hunt be sure to pay attention to what you are being asked to do - and then be sure that you do it! Remember that you Another factor to bear in mind is that in addition to obtaining the best score for the hunt, you also get paid extra for the completed objectives - for example shots in vital organs pay a bonus - as does bagging a rare dino!

It's the year 2100, humanity had found another planet ruled by dinosaurs. Several groups of hunters were sent to the planet to hunt dinosaurs. However, danger lurks in every corner. Who would get out alive?

Ever wanted to come face to face with rampaging dinosaurs? What about going on a hunting trip specifically to bag trophy dinos? That's exactly what you'll be doing in Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores, an interesting riff on what hunting enthusiasts will recognize as having been cut from the same cloth as games like Deer Hunter. Your sole mission is to hunt these lumbering beasts, and while it's a serviceable enough virtual hunting trip, it's bizarre that your trophy kills rarely do anything other than laze about in their natural habitat while you stalk and kill them, which makes it, as you can imagine, kind of weird.

From the beginning of the game you'll be tasked with stalking your prey using a predetermined loadout. From raptors to pterodactyls, each mission requires you to take aim at these unassuming dinos to take home the big bucks and a high score for the kill. Yes, granted, that's exactly the nature of hunting, but creeping on these large lizards feels just a bit strange. For one thing, you can't shift from your position, only altering the trajectory of your bullets and where you're aiming toward. From your vantage point it's your job to aim for the best killshot, which is obviously better if you hit the head or other vital areas.

Taking out the dinosaurs requested of you in each level will allow you to advance. With the funds earned from completing the levels you can purchase better and more powerful equipments, armaments, and bonuses. If you're unsatisfied by the gear you can purchase with in-game cash and gold, you can hit up the weapon shop and spend some real-world cash on rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, and more. There's a whole host of augments available for you to implement in your hunts if you want to invest, but you can get away without using them if you perform well enough.

It looks and feels great enough, but given the strangeness of the dinosaurs moving slowly, plodding around, and not presenting much of a challenge, Dino Hunter is a very weird beast. What's more, it's got some glaring issues with hit detection. I had several flank shots register as headshots and were scored accordingly, which I'm not complaining about, but they were such deliberately inaccurate shots, and it happened so often enough, it became a bit of a running joke.

Dino Hunter is a polished enough game, despite its strange hit detection issues, but the slow-moving and hardly "dangerous"-acting dinos, obvious push-to-purchase additional armaments, and overall weird hunting vibe just didn't click with me. If all the "challenge" stems from slow-moving dinos and what gun I'm using, I'd rather find a much more engaging game to spend my time on.

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Dinosaur bone hunter Jake Harris asks students to guess which dinosaur certain bones he brought for his presentation came from. Harris is featured on the Discovery Channel TV show 'Dino Hunters,' which follows his search for fossilized dinosaur bones on his eastern Wyoming ranch.

Fossilized dinosaur bones sits on a table in Ross Walker's science classroom at Clear Creek Middle School on Jan. 28. The bones were on the table during dinosaur bone hunter Jake Harris' presentation to students.

As one of the greatest hunters in the world, you are delighted at the opportunity to travel a secret island to hunt an animal nobody else ever has before. Journey to a hidden world that houses the last of the dinosaurs. These deadly creatures have been allowed to live and thrive on this island away from the prying eyes of the rest of the world. Until its recent discovery, this hidden gem of a hunting spot was unknown to everyone, Now, you can be the first person to take on the deadliest creatures to ever be hunted. Without any outside interference, these dinosaurs have been able to grow, fight, and become stronger than ever before. Hunt down harder to find species for greater rewards and upgrade your guns for maximum damage. Play Dino Hunter on Mac and PC today using the free BlueStacks player.

Where once dinosaurs were just things of the past to be studied, today we have living dinosaurs running wild on a secret island. So much action is waiting for you, but you only have your small mobile device to play on. No more, my friend. Using the new and improved BlueStacks 4 Android emulator, you can now play almost any app or game right on your computer or laptop. Watch the video above for more information and to learn how you can easily and quickly install Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores on Mac or PC today.

In Season 2 of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, one of the most impressive aspects of the narrative is the twist regarding the eco-tourists that sneak onto the derelict park. While they befriend the kids and promise to get them home if they help them with some photography, they're actually game hunters looking for trophies.

It catches the teens off guard and paints a realistic picture of the killing-for-sport industry. But surprisingly, just when the kids think they're going to lose this battle, the show redeems its nastiest dino-hunter.

As the chase ensues, Hap keeps asking them to untie him so he can use his electric staff against the dinos. Even when they were walking to the bunker, he said he wanted to protect them because he had a soft spot for kids. He wasn't going to kill them like his compatriots asked, but Brooklynn still didn't want to risk trusting Hap.

But out of sheer desperation, Kenji unties him and Hap grabs his stick. Just when it seems like he might turn on them, however, he gives them some tips and begs them to survive. Hap then leaps off and starting taking on the dinos, but when they circle him, he knows it's all over. Thanks to the distraction, the kids speed off to find their friends, only to hear the dinos screaming and munching, meaning they've devoured Hap.

Buried under the region's red desert sandstone for up to 90 million years, the dinosaurs' bones are much older than those of the Tyrannosaurus rex, which lived 65 million to 70 million years ago in what is now Asia and North America.

In the rugged high plains of Montana, third-generation rancher and 20-year dino hunter Clayton Phipps and his team have unearthed what he believes to be the bones of a rare, approximately 65-million-year-old Nanotyrannus lancensis.

Private collectors drop millions for entire skeletons of desirable finds like T. rex and triceratops, two species featured tonight and brought to life with computer graphics so real you might look over your shoulder for an actual dino.

Clayton Phipps has been on the lookout for dinosaur remnants for years, and he's enlisting the help of his young son on the show. Who is Clayton Phipps from Dino Hunters? Read on to learn about his background, and his past big finds.

The Montana-based dinosaur hunter is from a family of cattle ranchers and he first found a big fossil in 2003 on his own land. It was a complete skull of a Stygimoloch, which he later sold for $40,000. After his initial find and the decline of the ranching industry, Clayton became dedicated to looking for dinosaur remnants full-time.

"These two dinos were obviously not friends. There are snapped-off teeth from the nano imbedded in the flesh of the ceratopsian. They undoubtedly killed each other," Clayton told Pacific Standard Magazine.

The 2006 find proved that Clayton has certainly earned his nickname as the "dinosaur cowboy." On Dino Hunters, he's working with his son, Luke Phipps, with the hopes of finding their next big fossil.

By using a combination of 3D modeling and CGI to create X-ray visualizations of both the fossils and the dinosaurs, DINO HUNTERS brings dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures back to life. Using this cutting-edge technology allows images to reveal what these dinosaurs looked like, how they moved, and other important characteristics of these prehistoric giants.

This season, the pressure is on as the dino hunters are in a race against time, weather and physical exhaustion as they endeavor to save exposed fossils from the elements before the winter snow blows in. Whether it is searching for a mass extinction site or unearthing potentially rare fossils, DINO HUNTERS is ready to take viewers on a journey through prehistoric times.


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