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After studying the All-22 Coaches Film of the Packers' wild-card matchup, I believe it was the decision to jump into the no-huddle in the middle of the second quarter that completely changed the momentum of the game, enabling the unit to finally establish a rhythm. Rodgers has terrific diagnostic skills, and the no-huddle allows him to dictate the terms to the defense by granting him the freedom to rush to the line and react to the defense's pre-snap look. With the Packers' no-huddle offense featuring a number of run-pass checks from spread and condensed sets, Rodgers can quickly shift formations and change plays to attack the defense's biggest weakness.

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Press Briefing by Dana PerinoJames S. Brady Press Briefing Room Play Video Press Briefings Audio Press Briefing Slides (PDF, 566 KB, 2 pages)12:49 P.M. ESTMS. PERINO: Good afternoon. I have one statement for you. This is astatement from the President, so in his voice, and then we'll releaseit: Laura and I are deeply saddened by the death of former CongressmanHenry Hyde. From his service in the Navy during World War II, until hisretirement from the U.S. House of Representatives last year, Henry Hydeled a life devoted to public service.During more than 30 years as a congressman, he represented the people ofIllinois with character and dignity, and always stood for a strong andpurposeful America. This fine man believed in the power of freedom, andhe was a tireless champion of the weak and forgotten. He used histalents to build a more hopeful America and promote a culture of life.Earlier this month, in recognition of his good and purposeful life, Iwas proud to award Henry Hyde the Medal of Freedom. Congressman Hyde'spassing represents a great loss to the people of Illinois and ournation, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family in this sadhour.I'll take your questions.Q Can you clear up the confusion with China over what led to theturning the Kitty Hawk away from the port?MS. PERINO: We have been in communication with the Chinese. We areasking them to clarify the reasons that the Kitty Hawk was turned back.Yesterday we were told there was a miscommunication. Today there arereports in the press that someone in the defense ministry is saying ithad to do with other reasons. So we are asking for a clarification onthat matter.Regardless, we believe it was wrong for the families of these sailorswho went to Hong Kong in order to have Thanksgiving with the sailorsthat were on that ship to have been denied that opportunity. It was atremendous disappointment for them, a lot of expense, and we hope thatthat would never happen again.And the President has said that one ofthe best ways for that not to happen again is for there to be thishotline that he talked about establishing back when we were in APEC inAustralia, a hotline between our two militaries, so that anymisunderstandings or miscommunications could be cleared up right away.Q Where does that stand? Have they agreed to that?MS. PERINO: Yes, when we were in APEC, there was an agreement that wewould work to establish that hotline. I don't think it's up and runningyet, but this underscores the need for it.Q Given the way this has unfolded, from misunderstanding to nowsomething that you call absolutely wrong, does the President view thisan intentional affront to him?MS. PERINO: No. No. I think the President believes we have goodrelations with China, we work cooperatively with China on so manydifferent issues. This is one small incident.And in the big picture,in the big scheme of things we have very good relations. We would justlike to clarify this issue. We feel badly for the families that weredenied this opportunity to see their loved ones, and of course for thesailors who were on the ship, who must have been so disappointed to nothave been able to see their family, that they were so looking forwardto.And so we've asked for the clarification and I think that we'll get it,and then we'll be able to move beyond this.Q There was a report today that Musharraf is going to end hisemergency rule by December 16th. Has he told the administration this?MS. PERINO: We saw the reports, and of course our embassy officialshave been in touch with the Musharraf government. We welcome this step.Q Have you confirmed it?MS. PERINO: Yes. Yes. He has said that they would lift the emergencyorder by December 16th. And as the President said yesterday, that is anessential step in order to get Pakistan back on the path to democracy.We look to the candidates and the people of Pakistan to fullyparticipate in these free and fair elections; that they be able to voicetheir opinions, that they be able to assemble and that they be able tohave the freedom of the press that they had had before the emergencyorder was in place.We also call on all sides to exercise restraint and refrain fromviolence. And we are not going to judge the date of lifting theemergency order. The President has said that it should be lifted asquickly as possible, as soon as possible. President Musharraf hasindicated that December 16th would be the date, and we hope that hefollows through on that.Q Did the White House put that kind of pressure on, in this newtriumph?MS. PERINO: I think you have to give President Musharraf some credithere, because while he made the decision to establish the emergencyorder -- which we believed was a mistake and we counseled against -- hedid take the step to take off the uniform.Q Under our pressure?MS. PERINO: Well, certainly we have been in communication with him, butI think that he made this decision on his own.Q Did we threaten him in any way?MS. PERINO: No.Q Dana, does the President believe that the Pakistan elections canreally be free and fair, when the opposition will now only have threeweeks to campaign between the time of which the emergency rule is liftedand the vote is held?MS. PERINO: Well, I think we have -- look, our system of government isdifferent. We've been having a primary election here for the past 12months, and another 12 months to go before our general election.Obviously, that would be -- three weeks in our country would be verydifferent. It is a good step that he is going to lift this emergencyorder on December 16th, and that the free -- that the elections will beable to be held without this emergency order.Q Dana, the President is going to be meeting at the Pentagon thisafternoon with top brass, talking about, among other things, Iraq andAfghanistan, and I know that he's going to be -- you have just put outthis 2007 funding -- war funding by the numbers, really, taking thegloves off, coming down hard on Congress. Where do things stand at thePentagon when it comes to them actually running out of money for thewars in Iraq and --MS. PERINO: Well, I think the slide that you're to is this one --talking about is this one. I don't think it's taking the gloves off byjust pointing out the facts. They have had almost 300 days in order todebate in Congress the President's request for the money for the troops.There are about 100,000 civilians who would be at risk of losing theirjobs if this money is not appropriated.And the President is going to go to the Pentagon today -- as I told youthis morning, they're going to talk about a variety of issues.They'regoing to talk about the health of the force; the President wants to growthe Army and the Marines. He would like an update on that. He wants toknow how recruitment and retention is going. He wants an update on thewar on terror, Iraq and Afghanistan in particular. Of course, they'regoing to be talking about the budget, as well.So that's why themeeting is scheduled for over an hour and a half. The President willmake a statement afterwards.But I hardly see that as taking the gloves off, because they've had therequest, they've seen how wonderfully our troops are performing in Iraqand Afghanistan, and this money is for the day-to-day operations that isneeded to fight the war on terror. And this includes bullets, bodyarmor, the MRAP vehicles that will help protect them. And it alsoincludes some State Department money. The Congress is always sayingthat this war can't be won by military might alone. Well, we couldn'tagree more. And that is why they should move forward and support thesupplemental, because there's a significant amount of State Departmentmoney in there to help fund these political and civilian organizations.Q But, Dana, is there a date by which the Pentagon and the WhiteHouse knows for certain that the troops will actually begin running outof those things?MS. PERINO: Well, I would refer you to them for the specific dates, butI know that there are some things that they have to do in terms offurlough notices, given labor laws -- if someone is going to lose theirjob, they have to give them 60 days notice. That's why sometime inmid-December that those notices would have to go out. But as to thespecific date as to when operations would have to cease, I don't know.They are trying to do some creative work in terms of moving some moneyaround, but they can't do that forever. And that's no way to run abusiness, and certainly no way to run a war.Q Dana, what's your reaction to Senator Leahy's ruling that since thePresident was not involved in the prosecutor firings his claim ofexecutive privilege is no legal basis?MS. PERINO: We were baffled by the decision. Senator Leahy, himself,has said that these contempt filings would be futile, and yet theycontinue to move forward with them. They only have six legislative daysleft in the session. Their focus should be on funding the troops,making sure the intelligence gap remains firmly closed, and by passing abudget, which is something that our country -- our democracy should beable to do. They complain about Iraq; the Iraqis were able to pass abudget. It's almost completed. Ours is nowhere near completed.The Democrats have failed to pass not only the legislation for thetroops, but any legislation on energy, on veterans issues that we haveprovided to them, on the housing mortgage industry, on entitlements.They haven't moved forward on AMT reform -- it's about to hit 20 millionpeople.We have provided for them a legal and sound argument, based on executiveprivilege. This is a reasonable position because the President needs toreceive candid advice -- not just this President, but all futurePresidents, as well. And so we provided them an opportunity to get thevery information that they say that they wanted to have, but insteadthey continue to move forward on a legal track that even Senator Leahy,himself, has said -- he has said that this would be futile.Q Understanding that, but the point that he's making is that thePresident is claiming that he needs the candid advice of aides, but inthis case there was no candid advice from aides because he was notadvised, or was not commanding people on this subject.MS. PERINO: But the privilege extends to the assistants to thePresident that work for him. And I don't understand his reasoning inthat the President wasn't involved and therefore I should -- thePresident is not involved so we should continue to move forward? Whatthey said that they wanted to know is what did the President know. Andthey have said that -- if he is now saying that the President wasn'taware of it, as we have said from the beginning, I don't understand whyhe continues to have this rope-a-dope that's not going to go anywhere.Q Are you drawing a negative comparison between the United StatesCongress and the Iraqi National Congress?MS. PERINO: No, I'm providing you a comparison that the Iraqi Congress-- parliament is accused of not being able to get anything done. Andtrue, they have got a lot of work ahead of them. They've got big issuesto deal with. One of them is dealing with the budget, and how they aregoing to distribute the revenues across the different provinces. Andthey have to overcome a lot of sectarian issues. And they are movingforward. They have been able to do that.Our country, after 200 years of democracy -- they're not even able toget appropriations bills to the President; I think that we have signedone. And so there's a lot of issues that have to get done. Think aboutit -- they have six legislative days left in the session, and all ofthis work is going to be left undone.Olivier.Q Dana, on -- two. One on Pakistan, which is, what are your criteriafor whether the election there is free and fair? And will you get --how will you assess whether it's been free and fair?MS. PERINO: Are you asking if we have a specific criteria --Q Do you need observers on the ground to report back? What are youcriteria? Does it need to be --MS. PERINO: Let me -- I'll need to check with the State Departmentmore.Q And then, you haven't mentioned the minesweepers being deniedaccess to Hong Kong in the last couple of days, and I'm wonderingwhether there's a difference between seeking a clarification on theKitty Hawk and the minesweeper issue?MS. PERINO: Well, obviously the Kitty Hawk was a different situation,in that you had family members who had, at great personal expense,gotten to Hong Kong so that they could have a visit -- a planned visitwith their loved ones.The minesweepers, obviously that is anotherissue.But it goes back to the point that I made, which is itunderscores the need for this hotline so that our militaries can talk toone another quickly so that there are no miscommunications.Q Does the clarification request extend to the minesweepers, or isthat only the Kitty Hawk?MS. PERINO: I believe we've only been talking about the Kitty Hawk,since that has been the source of the disagreement.Connie.Q Thank you. Two British questions. Has the President dropped in ona meeting with David Cameron and Stephen Hadley?MS. PERINO: I don't have an update for you on that yet. I don't knowif the Stephen Hadley meeting has taken place yet.Q Do you know if the President plans to, or do you have any thoughtson --MS. PERINO: We'll give you an update if there is an update.Q All right. And also if any statements about this British teddybear situation in Sudan, which is --MS. PERINO: Well, I think obviously it's an outrage. And we stand withour U.K. allies in trying to make sure that this woman is protected fromthe court that says that they want to impose this sentence on her, whichseems -- to anybody's explanation -- anyone looking at this on its facewould have to conclude that it was outrageous.Q Is President Bush trying to intervene in any way or speaking to --MS. PERINO: I have not -- I don't know. I'll check for you, but he'snot personally been intervening, no. The U.K., the British are handlingit on their own.Q Dana, there's a draft of an energy bill circulating around townthat will be introduced in the House next week, that has very aggressivebio-fuel standards. And I'm wondering if the President has seen thisdraft or been briefed on it, and if he -- you know, what -- did you havean opinion on it?MS. PERINO: No, I don't think that he has seen the draft that iscirculating around town, but what we do hope is that the Congress couldwork on an energy bill with us. It's something that we should all beable to agree on. We have proposed an energy bill. We have a bio-fuelproposal in ours as well, an alternative fuel standard that we wouldlike to see in -- put in place, so that we can meet the President's goalof reducing gasoline use by 20 percent in 10 years. But I'm not goingto comment on that draft. Let's let this process work through. Wewould hope, in the six legislative days that they have left that theycould get there. I think that's a pretty high bar for them to get over,but we'll try to help them if we can agree on it.Les.Q Thank you, Dana. Two questions: Since the President is scheduledto go to Baltimore tomorrow, why can't he stay in Baltimore tomorrownight so that on Saturday, as Commander-in- Chief, he can join with8,000 future leaders of our Army and Navy in what is surely the mostcolorful game on earth?MS. PERINO: I am sure that is going to be a great game. The Presidenthas his first holiday reception I think tonight, and then there'sanother one tomorrow night, so he'll be busy.Q He won't go to the Army-Navy game?MS. PERINO: No, he'll be here.Q Does the President as head of the Republican Party believe that itwould be good to have even more presidential debates?MS. PERINO: I'll leave that up to those candidates to decide.He'svery glad he's not having to do that this time around.Q Is he supporting Hillary Clinton?MS. PERINO: Is the President supporting Hillary Clinton?Q He has said so many nice things about her.MS. PERINO: The President will support the Republican candidate.Go ahead.Q On the greenhouse gas that was sent out yesterday, greenhouse gasesdeclined, many scientists are saying that the emissions intensity ismisleading, because it's giving the impression that the actualgreenhouse gases are falling, when the EIA says that they've risen 15percent. Do you think the President is misleading?MS. PERINO: What I said yesterday is that the actuals have gone down by1.5 percent; intensity was 4.2 percent. Obviously greenhouse gasescontinue to grow. What the President said is that we don't want them togrow at the high rate that they are; we want to slow the rate of growth,and we are working to do that.He said we want to slow it by 18 percentby 2012, and we are on our way to do that.But we have never said that we are going to stop greenhouse gas emissiongrowth, because to do that would mean that we would stop economicgrowth, and the President is not for that either. He believes that youhave to have a strong economy if you're going to help solve thisproblem, because you need the money to be able to buy the technologiesthat will help you solve the problem.Q But shouldn't the number of actual emissions be the focus?MS. PERINO: We gave you both numbers.We gave the actual number, whichis 1.5 percent, in 2005, which is a significant reduction; the largestsince 1985 -- I'm sorry, the 4.2 percent in reduction in intensity isalso very good. And it's better than almost any of our allies aroundthe world.Go ahead.Q Does the White House have a reaction to Venezuela's threat to expela U.S. embassy official for allegedly conspiring, they say, to defeat areferendum that would have given Hugo Chavez indefinite reelection?MS. PERINO: I have not heard that they -- that he was proposing toexpel one of our ambassadors. We will check on that. Obviously there'sgoing to be an election in Venezuela. That's going to be up for thepeople of Venezuela to decide.But I think you are seeing some signslately of people who are unhappy with the Hugo Chavez regime and --anywhere from the student protests to others. And so we'll let themhave their referendum, and I'll check with -- I'll check for you onthat.Q One more, just on the trade rep announcement with China today.Apparently, China has agreed to terminate illegal subsidies in


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