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Consumer Reports Mattress Buying Guide

In general, consumers should gather information before they make a purchase and carefully weigh the value of the features and benefits of the brand. The more expensive the product is, the more information they need to gather. For example, it doesn\'t make sense to spend time gathering information and comparing products and brands if you are buying a can of soda. However, when buying a car, a consumer should gather information about features such as expected gas mileage, electric car options, styles and colors, options and certainly prices. They need to examine their own reasons for wanting the product, what need is it fulfilling (functional and psychological), and then select criteria to evaluate the brands.

consumer reports mattress buying guide

Our team at Sleep Foundation conducts extensive hands-on tests for each mattress to provide you with the most reliable, data-driven recommendations and reviews. Below are key guidelines that inform our testing methodology:

First up, you want to prevent any dirt and spills. Some mattresses come with removable covers that can be washed, but if not it's easy to add your own. Read our guide to the best mattress protectors to find the right option for you.

So which brands are the best? The short answer is: it depends. Be clear first on your needs. This mattress buying guide can help you clarify those. Then seek out the mattress brands that offer something that fits those specific needs or has those features.

If you just want a comfy, quality mattress but don't have specific feature requests to narrow the field...honestly, most of these mattress brands above offer similar products within the mainstream price ranges. If you look at reviews for these mattress brands, the majority are positive. Differences are a lot about marketing. Return policies are better now, which minimizes the risk. So if you read this guide through, hopefully a key takeaway is "don't sweat the choice too hard."

You may think that buying a mattress isn't really predicated on the time of the year and that you could do it whenever you want. Well, while you most certainly can, it's far more beneficial if you took some of the following advice into account.

You may eventually buy a mattress online. But because mattress preferences are so personal, no amount of online research can substitute for the experience of trying out mattresses in a store. Some guides urge shoppers to spend at least 15 minutes on a mattress to test it, bringing your own pillow to the store to simulate your home experience.

The best way to find out which hospitals provide the best care for their patients is to read consumer reports hospital ratings. These ratings are based on surveys of actual patients who have been treated at the hospital, and they can give you a good idea of which hospitals are the best in terms of quality of care. Of course, you should always consult with your own doctor before making any decisions about your medical care, but consumer reports hospital ratings can be a useful tool in making your decision.

All air mattresses are designed with weight limitations, found in their product specifications and manuals. The higher this specification, the odds are more likely that the overall general durability of the mattress is higher. Air mattress companies like Coleman, provide a general weight limit guideline on their website.

Full-size crib mattresses are regulated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Per the guidelines, all full-size crib mattress dimensions must measure at least 27 1/4 inches wide by 51 1/4 inches long and have a thickness not exceeding six inches.

Use these tips, and our buying guides for ranges, dishwashers, and refrigerators, to plan out your dream suite. CR members can also read on for three premium kitchen appliance suites we've handpicked, each featuring top-scoring models that deliver the feel of a matching suite without the compromise in performance.

Next, go for appliances that blend in, rather than stand out. Counter-depth fridges, slide-in ranges, and dishwashers with hidden controls are all good choices. Choosing appliances that have subtle design choices and which recede into the surrounding cabinetry will shift focus to the elements in your kitchen that do match perfectly, like hardware, cabinets, and countertops. Last, cut an over-the-range microwave out of the equation. The styling on these appliances, whether it be busy control panels or clunky handles, can clash with appliances from different brands. Instead, go for a simple range hood, which most folks favor over a prominently featured microwave in a high-end remodel anyway. Use these tips, and our buying guides for ranges, dishwashers, and refrigerators, to plan out your dream suite. CR members can also read on for three appliance bundles we've paired ourselves, each featuing top-scoring models from our ratings that look great together too.

Check out buyer's guides. Before buying homeowners insurance, Hunter suggests doing some reconnaissance work online. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners' website offers a database that includes information about complaints filed against insurers, and many states offer buyer's guides with additional information on their state websites.

Check out the financial security of the insurer. While Barry says insurer insolvencies are rare, they do happen, particularly after big weather events that are extremely costly, such as the Joplin tornado. Check up on any financial news or reports on the stability of your insurer before committing to a policy. While states have funds designed to cover claims if insurers go under, consumers often find it harder to get claims paid if their insurer is bankrupt. 041b061a72


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